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What is a Virtual Receptionist? In this article we’ll look at the advantages of outsourcing a virtual receptionist. We’ll look at the benefits of an outsource, what their role should entail and what makes a great receptionist.

We’ll look at:

  • The Advantages of Outsourcing Virtual Receptionists
  • Can an Outsourced Virtual Receptionist work?
  • The Role of the Virtual Receptionist
  • What makes a great VR?
  • A Virtual Receptionist Job Description Example
  • Is a Virtual Receptionist Cheap?


We established our company in 2007. Our ethos is simple. To give excellent service at an affordable cost. Try our 14-day FREE trial.

All our Virtual Receptionists work from our office.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Virtual Receptionists

The number one reason is a cost saving for your business. First there is no ads or agencies (and their high fees) to deal with along with the overheads of an employee. Plus, the considerable time it takes managing staff. Alongside these savings an outsourced telephone answering solution offers savings in terms of training and managing sickness and holidays.

Flexible Availability

With an outsourced receptionist your business benefits from the possibility of extended opening hours.  Such a solution, getting a human answering the phone, even after your business hours will impress your customers / clients. Busy periods, such as during an extensive marketing campaign, can be handled by using a VR as an overflow solution.

Can an Outsourced Virtual Receptionist work?

Yes. We know outsourcing works. It’s our business. We’ve been successful because of the care we take with hiring people of the highest calibre, training them and supporting them in a fast-moving environment.

We have the reviews and testimonials to prove the value and the much lower cost of phone answering rather than hiring someone internally.

Your business is important. We get that. We are also familiar with all manner of vertical markets, from accountants to solicitors, from building companies to IT providers and a lot more. An outsourced receptionist must have the essential ‘soft skills’ of handling potential new customers, disgruntled people plus an understanding of your business. Some needs are common to all businesses and some are very specific. You’ll find, with our multiple years of experience, we can deliver.

The Role of the Virtual Receptionist

When we talk about a virtual receptionist, we are not talking about software solutions like a chatbot; we’re talking about trained and motivated people.

The Customer Experience

Dedicated and professional VR’s will be in tune with your policies, procedures and brand reputation. When you start working with a specialised outsource company all this will be taken care of and adhered to, so, the outsource becomes an extension of your business, that you can have the utmost confidence in.

What makes a great VR?

We all talk about ‘communication skills’ but what does that mean? First, a polite and friendly phone manner. Second, the ability to understand and sometimes interpret the needs of the caller. Third, the ability to relay accurate information from the caller to the business.

A Virtual Receptionist Job Description Example

You will work as part of a small team working as though based in our client’s offices, impressing every single caller, and making the most of your relationship building ability.

Key responsibilities:

  • Answer calls for a wide variety of clients using the provided scripts
  • Identify callers’ needs and speedily resolve their queries
  • Take messages and forward to clients
  • Keep accurate records of caller conversations
  • Meet targets in terms of number of calls answered, wrap time and quality of conversations
  • Present yourself as a brand ambassador for our clients

Relevant skills & experience:

  • English speaker
  • Friendly and polite telephone manner
  • Excellent ‘soft skills’, ability to ask the right questions and listening skills
  • Transcribe messages accurately
  • Good English spelling and grammar skills
  • Relevant IT skills sufficient to use email, scheduling apps and telephone systems

Personal qualities:

  • A positive can-do approach
  • Enjoy working with a team of like-minded professionals
  • An eye for the detail of the client’s call and needs
  • Value your own quality of work

Is a Virtual Receptionist Cheap?

Cheap is not always best. You do get what you pay for and having said that you will find our professional service astonishingly reasonable. Give us a call on 01582 540540 to find out the savings you can make with an outsourced virtual receptionist.

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