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You may have heard the term ‘data is king?’ With the right data recorded and with the application of analysis your business will be able to make better informed decisions. Informed decisions can be the difference that allows your business to grow. So, what exactly, is the value of call tracking for business?

With your call data recorded consistently you’ll be able to note trends amongst your customers, frequently asked questions, problems with supply or product defects and much more.

Data is useful for spotting patterns that can help with such elements of the business as staffing levels, creating FAQs and help files or timing of marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Telephone Answering Service

A dedicated telephone answering service will record and supply all the data you require at the end of every day. Not only will you save valuable time and resources by having sales calls weeded out, but you’ll also be gaining a business advantage. What sort of insights are you likely to uncover?

Data Includes:

  • Call Volume Data
  • Call Duration
  • Missed Calls
  • Caller Information
  • Call Resolution
  • Other Stats to Track

Call Volume Data

This is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and simply records the number of calls per period. With accurate data, you’ll be able to take into account the peaks and troughs of your customer’s needs. Then you can allocate your business resources effectively and optimise your customer care operation.

Call Duration

This stat, understanding the average call duration, will show the efficiency of the phone operators. With the notes supplied by the operators, you’ll be able to pinpoint the frictions in your operation, service or products. As a telephone answering service will supply scripts for talking to the caller, these scripts can be tweaked for further efficiency.

Missed Calls

This is another KPI to monitor daily. There will be some wastage which is down to some, less scrupulous businesses using ‘call bots’. Once these calls are dismissed then it is a case of finding out why these calls were missed. Was it a case of increased call volume and not enough operators allocated to the phone line? Perhaps it was a blip caused by an unexpected reference to your business in a newspaper or online? A missed call is a missed opportunity or a customer’s issue unresolved. A professional answering service will spot if this stat is too high and advise accordingly.

Caller Information

Caller ID, locations and other caller data is also an element to access. Are there any patterns in the caller information that can lead to insights? For example, a glut of calls from a particular geographic area could be turned into a localised Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign.

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Call Resolution

Was the call resolved the first time? The standard of a telephone answering service can be tracked through this stat. Do bear in mind that if the call is not resolved the first time it could indicate that the resources supplied to the service, such as scripts or FAQs need tweaking.

Other Stats to Track

Message Taking

All operators can take messages for your business. Although this data is not quantitative but rather qualitative, it is worth mining for ideas or trends. These trend will also inform you of the type of leads you are capturing.

Diary Management

This can be noted as it is a conversion factor. That is useful if you are generating leads, therefore what is the percentage of leads generated from the number of calls?

Call Forward Option

How many calls are coming into the phone lines if the line is forwarded to a phone answering machine out of standard hours?

Feedback on Service

It can be an idea to use a phone survey of the service. A short survey can help with the quality of the answering service. The classic Net Promoter Score can be used for the satisfaction of the service. This is the ‘How likely is it that you would recommend [business name] to a friend or colleague?’


Call tracking is vital for every business. By delving into the stats, you will make your organisation more efficient, uncover frictions you didn’t know existed and add an important factor for business growth. For a free trial call us on 01582 540540 or contact us.

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