6 Tips for Creating an Employee Schedule to Boost Workplace Productivity As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of employee productivity. Skip to main content

As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of employee productivity. After all, happy and productive employees are the keys to a successful business. But you may not realize that employee scheduling plays a significant role in employee productivity. If you’ve been looking to create a schedule that boosts productivity, keep reading as Telephone Answering shares six helpful tips below.

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1. Get Input from Your Employees

It’s essential to get input from your employee regarding scheduling. They know their availability and what days and times work best for them. Asking for their opinion or preference shows that you respect their time and want to work with them to create a schedule that works for everyone. In addition, Gartner reports that when employees feel they have a say in their workplace culture, they are more likely to contribute effectively and meaningfully to their work.

You may find from your employee’s feedback that simple changes can make a big difference in their daily productivity. For example, more frequent breaks or changes in break scheduling could help your team stay refreshed according to their own preferences. Another possibility is outsourcing your phone calls to an answering service or virtual assistant, like Telephone Answering. Reducing your employee’s customer service roles can free them up to focus on more important tasks.

2. Use a Scheduling Tool

There are a lot of great scheduling tools out there that can make your life easier. From online tools to apps, there are many options that can help boost productivity. Find one that works for you and your team, and make sure everyone is on the same page. You can also sync up this tool with your time tracking and payroll software so that you have all your employees’ information handy in one place.

3. Be Flexible

Life happens. People get sick, emergencies come up, and things change. It’s essential to be flexible when it comes to scheduling. If someone needs to switch their shift, try to accommodate them if you can. The key to doing so will be keeping your schedule as fluid as possible to account for these changes.

This situation can offer another reason to use a virtual assistant or phone answering service. If you are light on staff because of an emergency or illness, these services can help fill in and keep things running more smoothly.

4. Communicate

Clear communication is vital when it comes to scheduling. Make sure everyone is on

the same page and knows the schedule. If there are any changes, communicate them as soon as possible. For example, aim to give your employees a minimum of two days’ heads up when changing their work schedule, so they can manage their tasks and affairs more effectively.

5. Be Fair

When you’re creating the schedule, be fair. Don’t play favourites, and don’t give anyone special treatment. Chron. Explains that everyone should be treated the same when it comes to issues like scheduling. This is particularly important to motivate your employees and make them feel like their work is valued. When they feel like they are being fairly treated, the more likely they are to go above and beyond for your company.

6. Remember the Importance of Time Off

Don’t try to schedule your employees for more hours than they can handle, as this will just lead to burnout and frustration. If you need someone to work extra hours, ask them if they’re available and willing to do so – don’t just assume they are.

In addition to time off, giving your employees some time to relax while at work can also help improve their productivity. For example, having a yoga hour or puppy party every couple of weeks can go a long way in keeping your employees happy while also giving them some much-needed relaxation.

Honor Your Employee’s Needs

Creating an effective schedule that allows employees to have time off and the schedules they need can be like magic for your workplace. Your employees will be happier, more work will get done, and things will run like a well-oiled machine. As a business owner, what else could you ask for? Be sure to try out these tips the next time you create a schedule for your business for effective productivity!

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