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Estate agents have a very busy schedule that is packed with inquiries and viewings.For them, growing their clientele and property portfolio is only half the battle. What follows after is an endless list of tasks that just never seem to end. The business involves hectic negotiations between buyer and seller. It also includes setting up valuations and organising successful viewings

Your success hinges on acquiring lots of knowledge about the local area and meticulously organising your valuations, viewings and marketing. Being out in the field means you can’t devote your time to answering phone calls. Imagine a potential client looks up your ad and decides to follow through with your thoughtfully designed call to action and dials in your number. Instead of you – or your representatives – picking up the phone, a monotonous boring robotic voice tells them you aren’t available.

This isn’t how businesses grow.

Virtual receptionists who not only answer the phone calls but guide the clients your way can fill in where you cannot. Virtual receptionists are trained professionals who have an impressive list of skills— the most important of which is handling people.

They are Cost Effective

Hiring a full time receptionist to handle your phone calls can be expensive depending on the person’s experience and credentials .This does not include the time it takes to properly screen potential candidates and the employee benefits you offer them.

In contrast, virtual receptionists give you a cost effective means of handling calls and requests. They offer economically viable plans that fit into your business’s overall budget, scaling their services according to demand. More importantly, they funnel clients your way, so you can focus on developing your business.

You Focus on Your Business Instead of Answering Phone Calls

Between talking to clients and catering to their every need, you may be too busy have the time to answer phone calls. You may be moving from house to house with potential clients, and focus on the day to day business needs of your estate agency. This is where you could use a virtual receptionist to take care of all the administrative tasks that could deter you from satisfying clients.

Virtual Receptionists Keep the Client Happy

Customers that call on phone are expecting someone to handle their request promptly. When they are redirected to an answering machine or a voicemail recording, chances are that they will move onto a rival business. Avoid the loss of clients by making sure someone skilled, empathetic, and professional is waiting on the other end of the line. Your customer calls and gets help in a timely manner instead of talking to a brick wall—this will keep them satisfied. A virtual receptionist can also manage your CRM or progress of sale just so they can give the information to your client on the progress of the sale or purchase.

Virtual receptionists could very well be the difference between a successful real estate business and one that is struggling to get new clients on board.

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