Agent wearing headset to receive phone callIn business, every call is an opportunity to grow and expand your reach. Whether it’s acquiring a new customer or handling an existing customer in need of support, every task requires attention. The last thing SMEs (small and medium enterprises) need is unanswered phone calls. This is why you need experienced overflow answering services to help you deal with excessive phone calls.

But what happens when you miss phone calls? Let’s take a closer look.

1)    Frustrated Clients

Clients dial your phone number for a reason. They expect their calls to be answered and their queries handled professionally. If expert personnel are unavailable to tend to the client, then a representative should be available to buy enough time from the client until they can be connected to an expert. Failure to do either of these will prove to be a source of frustration for the client which could lead to a loss of business.

2)    Loss of Opportunities

When a potential client dials your number, they assess two things: a) how accessible your customer services are and b) how helpful your experts are.

They usually won’t make an online purchase if their efforts to reach you lead them to an unhelpful voicemail. Their next course of action in the case of unresponsiveness is to turn to your competitor.

In many cases, that essential contact with your potential client is your first and only means of securing new business. Once their query goes unanswered, they usually won’t make a comeback. Your loss of opportunity will prove profitable to your close competitors. Imagine hundreds of thousands of dollars going to your competitor.

This problem can be solved by hiring an expert virtual receptionist to will help you acquire the client and capitalise on the opportunity.

3)    Flawed Online Reputation

Most online businesses are subject to extreme amounts of scrutiny by potential clients. Depending on how angry the customers get, they will leave negative reviews on social media, aggregator review sites such as TripAdvisor, Google, and Yelp, and spread negativity among the rest of your customer base.

This could create an air of negativity that discourages customers from approaching you. A responsive business appeals more to consumers because they know help is just one phone call away. Not being able to reach a business usually serves as a red flag.

Benefits of Overflow Answering Services

Overflow services provide you with a comprehensive solution to handle phone calls when staff members are not available and enhance your customer representation during peak hours. Below are just a few benefits of outsourcing to a telephone answering service:

  • Improved customer service: the agents handling the phone calls are trained and experienced to provide high-quality services to clients. They inspire confidence in clients, which is good for business.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Stressed out employees will not be able to focus and address client needs because they’re too exhausted! Overflow telephone services allow you to relieve that burden, and focus on what’s important: the product and service.

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