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telephone answering service Providing a high end customer service over phone is essential. It’s a dedicated service that requires talent, skill, and a whole lot of experience. A bubbly voice with a pleasant message isn’t enough anymore. Your clients can see through the thin veil of confidence donned by tired and weary employees who’ve seen better days.

Worse still is when you simply relegate telephone answering to an automated voice mail with a generic robotic message like your call is important to us please leave a message. This can instantly turn off many clients from your business and send them  into the paths of your competitors instead.

Hiring a customer service rep can be costly for a business that is struggling with excessive costs. You have to provide employee benefits, office space, a fixed salary, and pick up the tab when they call in sick. Every other month, the cost just mounts up, further draining your resources. A much better alternative is to opt for virtual receptionists who have trained staff that can handle top answering services.

1) Save Money

Hiring a full-time employee to handle phone calls is very expensive. Costs such as phone, desk, computer, and other accessories simply mount up. You will have to offer employee benefits and other expenses. Some businesses ask employees from different departments to pitch in and answer phone . But forcing core staff into performing extra duties eats away at their productivity.

A virtual receptionist however, provides you with many benefits and access to a highly qualified receptionist at a fraction of the cost. A knowledgeable person will be answering your clients and provide them with a high quality of service.

2) Retain Clients for the Long Term

The person who picks up the phone call will be the first point of contact between your business and the customer. If this person is busy, tired, or simply untrained, the unpreparedness will reflect in their voice and the apparent lack of confidence won’t inspire prospective leads into becoming leads. This can slash your sales significantly. A single bad experience can turn away even your most loyal customers.

For this reason, it is less risky to trust a professional virtual receptionist to handle phone calls and guide your clients.

3) Focus on Core Tasks

It is not possible for one person to perform cross-departmental responsibilities with finesse. Their productivity in both areas will suffer. You can’t expect your employee to perform their core tasks efficiently if they are answering phone calls every 15 minutes. At some point in time, your employee will run out of patience, which will show in their voice.

Your virtual receptionist will help allow your employees to perform their core responsibilities without worrying about clients calling every now and then.

Working with a virtual receptionist is better for your bottom line in both the short and long run. Plus it makes you appear more professional and refined, which is good for business.

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