Live chat for accountants

All accountants will agree that customer service is the backbone of their business, and it plays a crucial role in generating sales.

Studies confirm that callers who are able to have their questions answered by a live person are more likely to become customers. Live chat, as it stands, is now an integral component of a business. It is the most efficient communication platform that offers real-time response to clients and agents alike, surpassing the satisfaction level offered by email or voicemail.

So why is live chat so important for your business? Let’s find out.

1. Convenient for Your Customers

Live chat instantly connects your customers to your business. It’s seamless and doesn’t require them to sign up or call you on your phone. The dashboard is neat and tidy, utilising only a few buttons to get the job done. The wait time is almost negligible, and is only limited by your agent’s speed of response. It allows your agent to multitask and maybe even talk over the phone at the same time.

Once your agent is done, the conversation is saved sent to you for later use, making it easier for you. The best part is, that you can share links on live chat easily with clients, which can be an important tool in any accounting business.

2. Live Chat Will Minimise Operation Costs

If you want to strive for a more cost-effective customer service solution that minimises your daily budget, then live chat is your answer. While phone and email support are essential tools, live chat is now becoming essential as well  and can be implemented easily in your website.

3. Live Chat Evens Out the Odds

The one advantage that smaller accounting businesses have over the larger firms is customer service. How often do you see live chat options on bigger accounting firm websites? The concept is still new and bigger companies are slower to adopt. This gives you the ability to one-up over your competition by offering instant access to your customer service representatives. Live chat evens out your odds and makes it easy to grow your business.

4. It Makes You More Productive

Productivity is the most important component of any business, and is a key ingredient if you want to grow. This is where live chat can come to your rescue. It improves your team’s effectiveness at getting feedback from clients, and it lets you resolve any grievances they might have with your team. To put this in context, Zendesk Chat found the use of live chat reduces response time to less 23 seconds and brings the resolution time to 42 seconds.

5. Increase Sales

Any successful accounting business first starts out by building trust with the customer before initiating any sales. Live chat is extremely effective at bridging the gap between customers and businesses, allowing them to learn more about you and your employees. They know it’s easy to get a hold of you in case they need help. In other words, live chat increases your conversion rate by a big amount.

We know you can’t spare the resources to live chat by pulling team members from core tasks of your business. Which is why at, we can do it for you. Try our 14-day free trial now for a better experience.

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