Live chat buttonLive chat technology has been around since the early 2000s, but only a few companies used it as a tool to improve their customer service. Now all web sites can have live chat set up in minutes. The software is so ease and only a small amount of code is needed to add to your website.

When done right, live chat can be used to acquire new clients and re-sell to the existing ones. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small business or a sprawling conglomerate, your business is built on making relationships, and nothing sours relationships more than distance. Live chat bridges this ‘distance’ and fosters genuine connections.

Modern live chat tools are easy to implement and don’t require making too many changes to existing software and hardware. This means your sales agents won’t have to switch between too many applications. They can send responses, manage conversations, and collaborate with other teams in the company. If you’re still not convinced about live chat and how it can be used to improve customer service, here are a few reasons to make you think otherwise.

Provide Answers in a Snap

Since you can connect with customers instantly with live chat, your teams can provide immediate answers to queries. Being responsive is a great way to win over customer confidence and convince them to spend money on your product and service. Live chat is a good way to walk customers through the sales process and eventually get them to convert.
Quickly Getting to the Point

Traditional phone conversations usually involve small talk, which take some time. While it is good to build rapport with prospects, some customers are hard-pressed for time and want to get back to their busy lives ASAP. Live chat conversations start with “how can I help you today” because it gives them the chance to cut to the chase. Both Phone and live chat are essential for business and this way the customer has the choice of live chat or phone call.

Multitasking Made Easy

Your customer care team should be experienced so they can engage several customers simultaneously via live chat and phone. This increases your sales, builds more relationships, and ultimately boosts your bottom line. Since all their live chat conversations are easily retrievable as text, your team won’t have to repeat themselves too often. If you don’t have a team to manage your chat or calls telephone answering can help. We have experts waiting to help your business.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Today’s tech-savvy customers are more likely to have resolved their issues well before contacting your company. This means that if they’re asking for help, it’s something that really does require your attention. During their time chatting with various clients, your team will generate a wealth of insightful information that can be used to help new and existing customers.
By referencing from chat conversations that are easy to document, sales agents can identify clear patterns where customers seem to be struggling. This information can be used to make key changes to your website and product to improve customer service.

Live chat is approachable, efficient, and accessible for anyone with access to a phone and computer. Furthermore, it gives people the confidence that they can reach out to your team for help whenever they need it. It’s all about creating that feeling of convenience.

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