Man ill in bedA client called yesterday worried about what happens if she falls ill, she was in quite a panic as she had this sudden realisation that only she knew/understood her business! In the current health situation any of us can become unwell and if this were to happen what would happen to your business, will it run to some extent without you?  We wonder how many business directors and owners are considering this dilemma?

We are only a telephone answering service as most business would think. One of the unique parts of our business is the very diverse types of businesses we take calls for or support. We have more resources than the average telephone answering service (dare I say a robotic answering call centre). The difference is we care and most of our clients will call in just to have a chat or get some advice about a campaign or what other services they can add to their business and other “what if” questions. They appreciate that we are their front line and have insights into various aspects of their businesses.

COVID-19 has not only affected individuals and families but has also impacted their businesses too. What if you fall ill or get hospitalised?

The client who asked this is a business that we not only answer telephone calls for but look after memberships and renewals as well as coordinating course sign ups. She has been one of the Covid success stories her business has grown exponentially during COVID-19. Her membership grew as  more members are looking for help, support, and advice in their industry and where for years no one had the time to tap in on this support suddenly they were stopped dead in their tracks and had lots of time on their hands due government trading restrictions. She has been forced into updating her systems and processes from manual to largely automated, something we have been advising her to do for years, but she has now been forced to do this. So, she has been going through a transition period with the updating of her website and workflow and she was doing much of this herself so she could understand what was going on, but she woke up one morning panicking about being unwell and what would happen. As we understand and already manage most of her business functions and it would not take too much more for us to take over temporarily until she got well.

Some of the questions we ask from our clients are pretty standard in case of an emergency, such as:

Do we have all your teams contact details?

Who do we need to contact in and emergency?

Do you have an assistant or can your staff work without you?

Do we need to coordinate some of your tasks and schedule your staff’s days?

Would we need to contact your suppliers etc.

Who pays your invoices, and do you have a payroll company that need to be contacted?


We are not rigid in what services we offer but are flexible to your business unlike most telephone answering services that are so ridged in what they offer that they do not have the resources to help businesses more and give that personal touch that most businesses would prefer.

Therefore, we offer a money back guarantee.

We believe that our telephone answering service is unmatched which is why we offer a no quibble lifetime money back guarantee. You have the right to cancel at any time with immediate effect and have the previous months subscription refunded if normal levels of service are not met

Try us for two week free.

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