Every business has its pain points. Challenges that must be overcome for business success. Communication is a vital focus for every size of company so what are the advantages of a telephone answering service over an in-house team? Skip to main content

Every business has its pain points. Challenges that must be overcome for business success. Communication is a vital focus for every size of company so what are the advantages of a telephone answering service over an in-house team?

Advantages for your business break down into the fundamental elements of business efficiency.

  • Time
  • People
  • Business focus
  • Customer care
  • Business process

Read even more advantages at the bottom of this page.

Time for Business

How much of your time and your teams are focused on actual business? Interruptions are a fact of life with a variety of communication channels having to be monitored. Email can be replied to with some leisure, social messages are the same. Although it does make sense to answer these as quickly as possible there can be some time lag. But not a phone call. Customers must be attended to instantly to impress and retain their custom. Prospects and sales leads will also want an instant response and as you know converting prospects into sales is the lifeblood of business.

Telephone Answering Service Advantage

A professional service will give you and your team time to focus on servicing clients and building new business with the confidence that every prospect and customer is attended to within seconds.

People for Business

We all know that people make your business. If we had a bottomless budget, we would employ skilled people internally for every role. That is not always the most efficient and profitable way to proceed. What if your marketing creates a volume of sales calls? What if your internal phone answering person is away from the phone?

Telephone Answering Service Advantage

Every member of a telephone answering service is trained specifically for that role.  Each has a professional phone manner and knows how to placate an angry customer or ensure a prospect’s expectations are exceeded and their details recorded for a follow-up from your sales team. Please note we are talking about a telephone answering service not a call centre that have people reading scripts and really don’t have a clue about your business or the people in it. 

Business Focus and Hunt Groups

What if you have a phone ‘hunt group’, so a single phone number is distributed amongst your staff? Hunt groups mean everyone is disturbed, each person could be disturbed when focusing on their work and the person answering may not have the best phone manner nor know the answer to a query or be equipped to cultivate a prospect into a sale. A ‘hunt group’ may sound ideal but it can have consequences for the business.

Telephone Answering Service Advantage

A dedicated telephone answering operative may be external to your business, but that person will capture every call and either answer quickly or reassure the caller that their call is important and it will be followed up.

Customer Care

When you satisfy a customer’s needs, they will be more likely to talk about that experience in a positive light. That leads to brand ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. If your business is relatively small and the person taking calls varies then how can you be sure of the quality of care each customer receives? As an owner, you will have far more pressing matters and you will not want to be wearing a lot of hats. Focus and dedication to customer care are vital.

Telephone Answering Service Advantage

A professional team ensures the quality level of response remains as high as possible.

Business Process

Process is not an exciting word, is it? It should be. Without processes quality of service will be affected. When you have processes that are adhered to you have the ability to measure that success and tweak the elements, constantly aiming to improve your business.

Telephone Answering Service Advantage

A telephone answering service team works to exact standards. Every team can report on the statistics of calls and add anecdotal intelligence that can lead to business insights.

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Even More Advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Time management
  • will make your company look much more significant. Which can give you an edge when your competitors are somewhat bigger than your company.
  • Summation
  • Employing a telephone answering team is not expensive. A dedicated and professional team will make you money, calls are never missed, customer care is consistent, and you and your team can focus on your primary roles.
  • Try our FREE trial or give us a call to find out how we will help.
  • Smoke and mirrors


An external team is like an ally for your business. Always there, at your shoulder, ready to be called into action. If you do any advertising campaigns or attend events, you’ll be creating a blip of interest which will have to be attended to and responded to for business success.

An external team can also be stood down when seasonality affects your market.

Time Management

We all need to find time. Time to dedicate to the many aspects of business is not easy when you are managing multiple tasks. A dedicated team will give you the confidence to manage your time and take up more advantageous angles of business development.

Smoke & Mirrors

Apple Computer has a software arm that is much smaller than you would think. At this software arm, they have two meeting rooms, one called Smoke, and another called Mirrors. They know what they are doing and so can you. With a fully professional outsource you can punch above your weight as it

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