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Hairdressing and beauty salonWe have a new client who owns several hairdressing salons. The director wants to expand but just can’t see how to solve the problem of getting more bookings to be able to expand. Their problem is how to get the diary managed and all the missed calls answered. The central receptionist is too busy with queries and other calls so missing more calls from new customers.

They were referred to us and discuss how we could help. We offered them a two-week free trail to see if we could add value to the business and see if the sales increase in their business. They gave us access to their on-line diary and set up our systems to take their calls and add bookings to their diary. We started the trial after talking them through how to set up their phone systems so the calls they can’t answer would come through to us.

After just three days they had already had 50 calls and bookings from us.  Just imagine at a minimum of £45.00 per booking how much business they were losing. £45.00 x 50= £2250. This alone multiplied by 52 weeks is £112,500. They will pay us about £6,000 for the year.  We know that to employ 3 receptionist the cost would be roughly £20,000 each per year.

We contacted the company to advise them that they had reached the 50-message limit for the free trial, and would they like to carry on. They paid the initial invoice and we carried on.

After one month we usually call new clients to make sure we are delivering the service to their expectations or beyond. They have had so much additional business that the comment we have is ‘how did we manage before’. In fact, they are now so worried about the phone system going down or not diverting that they call us every day just to make sure the phone system is diverting.

The uplift in business is great and if we had spent the money, we pay you for marketing would never have the same uplift in business. The up lift is far greater than we or they had estimated and hope to add another salon soon.

If your salon would like to take up our offer for a free trial and see what we could add to your bottom line, then just contact us.

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