Fully trained diary management agentHiring a person to handle your phone calls full-time does not make financial sense for a small business. What will this person do when they’re not on the phone? Since clients don’t call all the time, what will the receptionist do during his/her spare time? Does it justify your small business to give them a full-time salary, paid time off, and other benefits?

Thankfully, you have an alternative that many SMEs are frequently turning to for help, a virtual receptionist. And here’s the deal: you can switch the phone on and off with the virtual receptionist at your time of choosing. You answer when you can and we will answer when you are busy.

But no two virtual receptionists are alike. So how can you save time and choose the right professional for the job? Use this guide to get a rough idea of what to expect from skilled virtual receptionists.

1) Support

Any telephone answering professionals you hire should be able to troubleshoot problems. Virtual receptionists fail to provide high-quality customer support is truly an irony. A telltale sign that the professionals you’re hiring are not fit for the job is their lack of quality customer support. After all, you need to reach out to someone in charge when things start falling apart.

2) Call Recording Services

In order to get the best possible service for your clients, you need to have the ability to drop in at any time and listen to calls from time to time. This allows you to gauge the quality of services your virtual receptionist is providing to the customers. This facility is only possible if the virtual receptionist records their phone interactions with the customers.

If a company does not offer such a service, then there is a chance they could be using untrained people with no experience to handle calls.

3) Experienced Representatives

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a constructing company or a dentist’s office; your customers are your lifeline. So it doesn’t make any sense if your telephone receptionist has no training at all. Proper training goes a long way in ensuring that the receptionist knows how to deal with all types of clients.

Before you hire a virtual receptionist, make sure you ask them about the training that they went through before being assigned to you.

4) Clear Billing

Virtual receptionists handling customer calls should be able to provide you with an easy to understand, transparent pricing system for services rendered. If the company can’t explain the pricing structure to your satisfaction or if there are loopholes in their story, it’s a sign you should look elsewhere. Also ask about hidden costs. There are some who charge for changes like letting them know you are away on holiday or busy in a conference for a few days.

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