Red TelephoneIf you are outsourcing to a company to take calls for your business, you may be confused about who’s better equipped to handle the multitudes of phone calls you get every day. In other words, should you invest in a virtual receptionist or a telephone answering service? The answer lies in the differences between the two.
While it may seem that a virtual receptionist and a telephone answering service employee perform the same job, they are different in a lot of technical ways. Hence, here are the major differences between a telephone answering service and a virtual receptionist.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist basically has the same job of a receptionist on site, but from a remote location. They tend to be attuned to the requirements of their business. As the role of a virtual receptionist demands a lot of interaction with their team, they may quickly adapt to the patterns, habits and routines of their workplace. They can be great partners when it comes to customer service and administrative support. Hence, they not only have excellent skills and professionalism, but they also have great cognitive skills.
A virtual receptionist also cannot handle as many calls as a telephone answering service
Of course, cost savings are also involved in the equation. Once you hire a virtual receptionist, you will be saving thousands of pounds every year.

What is a Telephone Answering Service?

Telephone answering services are not like call center’s that only take calls and send a basic message with no added value like managing your diary or CRM and directing calls to the right team or department. They will also not know you or your staff. Just a call handler that answers calls like a robot or automated pop/script up that tells them what to ask.

A telephone answering service can do everything a virtual receptionist can do but much better and scaled up. They help your customers when your receptionist can’t answer the phone or is busy, sick/furloughed etc , but they will also know and understand your business exactly the same as your receptionist. They will be able to tend to issues that occur within the business and direct calls and leads to the right person or team at a fraction of the coat of a receptionist.

Telephone answering services are more client-oriented and can manage a huge influx of calls or overflow for your calls when your receptionist can’t manage. With a telephone answering service, you will get the best assistance, no matter which industry you belong to. Most importantly, if a customer is in need of assistance, they will be catered to by the telephone answering service dedicated to your requirements.

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