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Saving Cost by Outsourcing Your Reception

In these unprecedented times, businesses – both big and small – have fallen by the wayside. COVID-19 has caused havoc for many industries across the UK and beyond, where lockdowns, restrictions, and reservations have seen a widespread drop in trade.

Now with no end-line insight, and even with possible government financial support available, the pandemic will continue to claim companies. This is why it is essential you adapt during this period of uncertainty.

One way of doing this is by taking a closer look at your business expenses. While certain costs cannot be cut, there is the potential to save considerable money with a few savvy changes. One of the most effective can be to outsource your reception.

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In-house employees are expensive

As you are well aware, it’s not cheap to employ an in-house staff member for your business. It’s true: a receptionist is not going to be on the most considerable wages, but this continual overhead will be felt by many SMEs – particularly right now. This also isn’t accounting for the costs involved with the recruitment process, along with the time needed to train a new hire.

By enlisting the assistance of a virtual receptionist service, you can go on a much more cost-effective route. An outsourced reception can be significantly less money than an in-house receptionist. Furthermore, you can get started straight away – no recruitment or training is needed.

Outsourcing provides greater flexibility

Of course, you gain more than just direct savings when you partner up with a virtual reception. One of the best benefits is the added flexibility your business suddenly gains.

Think about the inconvenience when a staff member is absent. If you have a single receptionist and they’re missing, this can throw your company into a state of panic. The reception desk cannot be left unmanned, which means another employee has to act as a stand-in. The same type of scenario also appears when they take holiday leave.

Rather than having these disruptive problems crop up from time to time, you can rely on an outsourced reception service to always be available. Absences would no longer affect this area of your business.

It can be available at all times

Extending on from the previous point, outsourcing allows your business to always be available during normal business hours. A single in-house receptionist cannot answer multiple calls at the same, but a virtual service can ensure you never miss a call.

By using a telephone answering service, your business appears bigger and more professional, while you also enjoy greater efficiency.

There’s no loss in quality

Can an outsourced reception really match the quality of an experienced in-house receptionist? The answer is a big, ‘Yes.’ When you work with a reputable and professional organisation – such as Telephone Answering – you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll receive as a minimum at least the same level of quality compared to hiring a receptionist.

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