Satisfied customerWhen it comes to securing new sales and repeat business, communication plays an important role. This is true whether you are a new start-up or thriving enterprise – without communication, everything comes to a standstill.

The good news is that there are many tools available at your disposal allowing you to communicate with clients. The oldest tool – also the most misunderstood – is phone calls. They appear to have become obsolete thanks to faster methods of communication such as live chat and social media, but not quite so.You might have a team available to manage your live chat, email, and social media but you still must publish the company phone numbers on websites, newspaper ads, and search engine ads. This is because customers still like to know they can contact you by phone.

Phone calls are still the go-to means for consumers to verify a business’s authenticity. Before spending large sums of money, customers prefer to gauge the type of ‘business’ they are dealing with. And this is where live chat and emails suffer a major drawback. That human connection simply isn’t there.The importance of phone calls is a statistical fact. Even if users are not interested in reaching out to businesses over phone, they still want to be reassured that they can reach the company at any time should the need arise.It gives customers peace of mind and security that the business they are dealing with can be contacted by phone, if they can’t reach them over email. Customers prefer brands that they can call at a convenient time and inquire about products or services from the company.

Nobody Wants to Talk to Robots

Robots and artificial intelligence are two trending buzzwords that have swept the internet , but they don’t even come close to the voice of a real human. Nothing frustrates customers more than being redirected to an automated message, especially when they are spending their money with your business.Phone calls increase trust and go a long way in fostering that all-too-essential good customer relationship. You could argue great service is being able to satisfy the end user needs. A robotic voice on the other hand does not instil confidence.

Answers are Just a Phone Call Away

Sometimes customers need more information about a product or service. Perhaps they are unable to navigate your website or buy a product. They may have a specific query and are unable to find answers to their queries. This is where a simple phone call can prove to be a lifesaver. The more queries customers make to you over the phone, the more you will convince them to purchase from you.So while it is true that digital platforms are the preferred modes of communication for prospective customers, phone calls are still important because they help bridge the human connection between you and your customer.

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