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Call HandlerI met a solicitor in a network meeting who would never have a receptionist or a telephone answering service because all the clients only want to talk to me. The conversation went this way. Why do most solicitors I meet have a receptionist and a team of solicitors? The law firms we take calls for have many solicitors and they find that they have expanded by using our service and cut costs at the same time.

Now just imagine if you went to book a flight with an airline or theatre and you only wanted to speak with owner. Do you think the owner would grow let alone maintain the aircraft or theatre, clean the interior, feed you and then fly you to the destination or entertain you? Of course not. The owner would have a team there to do all this and would never take a booking call.

Now back to the solicitor and the other reason she would never use an answering service. My clients want an answer immediately so only I can answer the call. Anyway, as the conversation went I realise that she is passionate about delivering a service. That’s great but don’t all business owners have the same passion to deliver great service?  The solicitor did miss a lot of business when driving or in court and just trying to do the drafting.

This solicitor also mentioned that it would be great if she could expand but really without having some resources this will never happen. Its great to be so passionate about your business but at some point, growing business need a little help to kick start the growth.

A telephone answering will help with the growth and will always answer like they are your receptionist. This will help give you the time to give better service and grow your business.

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