We have been answering calls since 2007 and have enjoyed helping businesses immensely over the years. We have taken millions of calls for hundreds of businesses. Many have surprised us with how great their businesses are and most have gained business that they would otherwise have missed, which is why they continue to use us.

Through the pandemic we have not stopped, and all our teams were working remotely through what has been a difficult time for everybody. Supporting our staff remotely has been challenging. We really love our staff and making sure their wellbeing is all important to us. We have tried to arrange Zoom art events, sweet treats, lunches etc, anything to keep in touch and keep morale high.

The pandemic has been good to us as we have had a lot of new clients because they have had to virtualise to keep trading. We have learnt a lot, and have used our experience to help many businesses virtualise their software, communications etc. Our ethos is to help our clients not just answer their telephone calls.

Quite a few new clients came from other telephone answering services which surprised us. The new clients came to us because their calls were not getting answered and some were asked to leave immediately because the answering service was closing or didn’t have enough resources to virtualise. This is very surprising but there is always a lesson to be learnt.

Some new clients did ask why they were billed so much more than their previous answering service, so we had to go through all the calls received with the previous service and with us and they realised that the previous service had been missing many calls for them and they were paying for that poor service.

Sadly, like any industry you will always get those that offer rock bottom prices but then they are unable to provide the resources of staff and latest technology, to service their clients. So, it means that calls that are answered are not answered very well, if answered at all.

Here at Telephone Answering we try to use resources that are updated as technology becomes available so we can serve our clients with the best service and of course make sure we never miss a call for you. We are not the cheapest, but your business is as important to us as it is to you. After all it is your livelihood so why go to a cheap service who will not be able to give your business the service it deserves nor present your business in a positive light.

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