Having your own private practice can be very rewarding. Yet, you must follow certain rules and conditions that remain largely the same for all clinics , i.e. you need to stay on top of your appointments and diary. It is one thing to be well-trained and educated to run the business side of things but handling customer service and your diary with finesse is another ballgame.

Things like bookkeeping, diary management, marketing, and answering phone calls are among the last things on your mind. Most physiotherapists do the next best thing – hiring a full time in-house receptionist. There is a glaring flaw with this method – there is a huge cost for hiring a receptionist.

You have to  pay their hefty salaries and employee benefits and account for the days when they call in sick. The costs keep mounting up, along with the stress of managing a growing business. The stress will work its way into your interactions with the patients, who will realise that you’re too overworked to help them.

Not to mention the fact that efficient diary management requires your full attention. Being attentive isn’t always possible and errors can creep up every now and then, costing you an important appointment. A much simpler solution is to hire a professional virtual receptionist.

Below are three reasons why virtual receptionists can help your business grow:

1) Help with Diary Management: It isn’t easy for physiotherapists to manage their cluttered calendar. They have to keep track of clients and try to answer the phone and manage new bookings. You can become so preoccupied that forgetting a single detail can change your day, as well as your clients who depend on you for results.

2) Tending to Endless Emails: Patients who may be seeking your help are stressed out and anxious, and they are waiting for someone to respond to their request for aid through email. Waiting too long can prove to be too costly for your business as your potential patients are likely to move on. As your business grows, it becomes all the more difficult to sift through client emails to dig out the useful mail from tonnes of spam.

Your virtual receptionist has the time to sort out the useful mail from the useless ones and give a suitable response each time.

3) Handling Calls: Clients that are calling your practice are hopeful that their queries will be answered promptly. When they are redirected to your voicemail instead of an empathetic human being, they will immediately give up on their efforts to reach out to you. Their next move would be to find a competitor for help instead. Every phone call that you send to a voicemail could be a potential client . A virtual receptionist helps you answer all phone calls, manage your diary , and get the ball rolling.

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