Person chattingSavvy marketers use live chat as a growth hacking tool by improving customer service along the way. The reason for success through live chat is simple: better customer service means better sales and better word-of-mouth marketing.

Customers need an outlet to vent and complain when things go wrong; live chat offers a solution.

You would be surprised to learn that most customers are more than willing to give you a second chance to fix your product or service. You just need a better way to communicate this willingness to offer better service. Poor customer service can have a big impact on your business.

Here are a few things to consider before implementing live chat solution.

Outline Your Desired Goals

It helps to have an outline of your desired goals with live chat functionality. What new opportunities does live chat unlock that were previously not available with other customer support channels? Does live chat even fit in with the needs of your customers? Will the use of live chat improve things?

When you have a list of goals to work with, live chat becomes that much easier.

Test Live Chat First

Identify which areas of your site require live chat the most. This means integrating live chat with most of the pages on your website. It’s really easy to add live chat. Doing so will help you understand the areas of the website that may need more work. If the number of inquiries on a page is high, take that into consideration the next time you meet your web developer.

Doing so will help you understand which questions bother customers the most during the on boarding process. You can also consider metrics such as bounce rate and time spent on the website which could indicate areas that customers are unsure about.

Live chat works best on pages that are critical to the process of signing up and making a payment. These are areas where clients are still wondering if you’re the best choice. If so, a quick pop up on live chat will help them make up their mind.

Ask for Feedback

When you use live chat, make sure to ask all your incoming prospects about feedback. Their insights can help you understand areas of your product and website that may need more work. You can ask them for feedback at the end of the support session once you have answered all their questions. Ask important questions such as how likely they are to recommend your product, why and why not.

Time Zones Are Important Too

If you are dealing with customers on a global scale, you may want to consider when and where to enable live chat services. Your support team won’t have much success with customers in different time zones, country or continent.

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