coronavirus95% of our clients use our services everyday as part of their reception and booking team. Some clients have had telephone-answering as the backup or as a part of their disaster recovery plan should an emergency happen, such as COVID.

Clients have had to deal with floods and fires near which meant they could not use their building so had to divert their telephone calls to us, so having a disaster recovery plan in place to protect their businesses.

Some clients were stranded overseas when the volcano erupted in Iceland and could not get back and carry on with their business. We rescheduled all their appointments for the following weeks and the catastrophe was averted and all their customers were happy. Thankfully, they have thought about the “what if we had a disaster and how would we continue so had a disaster recovery plan in placeā€.

COVID-19 has put many businesses in a situation where they have had close their shops, offices and send staff home to work for the foreseeable future. Home working has been very successful for most businesses and will continue as the norm for some businesses so having to rethink the what if we had another emergency is another conversation for directors.

Some businesses had to react quickly and those that had a plan in place found it easy and won more business.

Creating a Business Continuity plan is all about gaining an in-depth understanding of your internal and external threats, like natural disasters, sabotage, fire and power grid and telephone line failures.

  • What services are essential to your business?
  • How will you keep your supply chain flowing?
  • Where are people going to work? Home or back on site?
  • What equipment will they need?
  • How will you communicate with one another or your clients?
  • Do you have a remote receptionist/telephone answering service in place?
  • Is your telephone system able to have full functionality for remote working?
  • Who will take care of your reception and switchboard? Do you have a virtual answering service in place?
  • How will your diary get managed and who will be able to access your diaries?
  • What about your IT? Is it still secure? Are your staff working from home on unsecured networks?
  • Do you have remote working contracts in place for your staff?

Thankfully, we at Telephone Answering have always had a disaster recovery plan in place from the very first day we opened and so the transition from office to home working was seamless. Covid-19 is just an inconvenience and protecting our teams is of utmost importance.

As always, our clients are our priority and making sure all their telephone calls, diaries and switchboard is operating as normal is of utmost importance.

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you to plan effectively for any disaster which may strike your business at any time.

Our Guarantee

We believe that our telephone answering service is unmatched which is why we offer a no quibble lifetime money back guarantee. You have the right to cancel at any time with immediate effect and have the previous months subscription refunded if normal levels of service are not met.

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