Male live chat agentIf your bottom line depends on clients engaging with your sales team, then it is of utmost importance to provide them with the best service possible. This requires opening all lines of communication such as live chat, phone support, and social media. There are many free and paid platforms that provide the necessary customer support, yet it is not so simple for small businesses to manage this.

There are three main ways for prospects to reach out to your business: live chat, phone support, and social media. The most popular of these three are live chat and phone support. This is because customers mostly use websites over physical store fronts. If you have a physical shop, most customers won’t bother visiting if they don’t have to!
This is where live chat comes in. It helps you overcome the gap between your sales team and customers through a live digital connection. When customers are ready to buy they may call your business, your team should ready to help and engage with them. It is true that live chat offers plenty of benefits of traditional phone support, yet when some customers are ready to buy then they may call you for peace of mind that they are dealing with a real business.

In order to engage with the highest number of prospects, you should find a healthy balance between live chat and phone support. This may not always be easy, but once your team gets the hang of it, you will start scoring!

Can I Use Live Chat with Phone Support?

Yes you can. If you don’t have a professional sales team capable of providing both live chat and phone support, consider outsourcing. At Telephone-answering , you can expect the best live chat team at your disposal. See for yourself .Try our 14 day free trial today by clicking here!

Understanding the Importance of Live Chat

Live chat gives you the opportunity to ring up your prospects the moment they hit the landing page. When prospects are aware of a human connection, their chances of buying a product drastically shoot up. Live chat lets your agents ‘nudge’ the prospect towards making a purchase. If your customer was already in that frame of mind, then the agent might end up convincing them of making a bigger purchase. A real-time answer makes all the difference.

It is easy to store live chat archives, with file sizes barely exceeding 1 MB. Most live chat platforms have a chat transcript that is automatically emailed to the business. This isn’t the case with phone recording. It is not uncommon for phone call recordings to exceed well over 100 MB.
The only drawback with live chat is that it can be overwhelming to manage different tasks at the same time especially if you have several chats going on at the same time.
The longer your agent takes in replying or reaching out to a prospect via live chat, the quicker it is for the potential customer to abandon your website.

Phone Support Is just essential with live chat.

Live chat lets you provide proactive support. A telephone answering service lets you provide reactive support. It’s important for your agent to be there when the customer dials in your number. The last thing your customer wants is to receive a voicemail message when they’re actively trying to connect with your business.

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