Gemini Security Solutions is a security systems installer and maintenance provider.

Client since: May 2008

The issue

The owners of company were about to go on holiday and realised that they needed someone to answer their telephone while they were away. The director knew that the phone could be diverted to his mobile but that wasn’t an ideal solution. They approached Telephone Answering to outsource the service.

Our bespoke solution

The director wanted us to answer their incoming calls then send a message by email or text to him while he was on holiday. We advised him that we could not only answer the calls but, if he was happy, we could also send the messages to the appropriate engineer and let them deal with the issue. We advised that we could copy the director into the message, so he knew exactly what was happening in his absence. This way they could just relax while on holiday and know the business is taken care of.

Gemini Security soon  realised that we were not just here for them while they are on holiday, but we could become a part of their business on a permanently. They decided that by aggressively marketing their business locally, we could answer the telephone calls for them, freeing them up to respond to the leads and close the extra business.

We suggested that they should also send service and contract renewals to all their customer past and present and we could book them in for an alarm service and renew their maintenance contract. This has worked very successfully for the company and increased their customer retention.

 Where are they now?

The company has significantly grown their business and recently sold one department of their business so they can concentrate on bigger projects. Their other passion is champagne, so they have set up another business that sells champagne directly imported from France. Our telephone answering services have allowed them to grow both their businesses without missing any calls.

In fact, they forget to let us know when they are on holiday because they know that we will just take care of the business for them!

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