Client since: October 2007

Company KW is a sole trader Will Writer, who works from an office where, but he also visits clients in their homes. While he is with clients or busy writing wills, he doesn’t want to be disturbed by telephone calls. He doesn’t feel it is good practice to have clients and prospects ringing and receiving a recorded message, so he has chosen to have calls answered by Telephone Answering.

The solution

This is probably the most basic service we offer but we know that we are still a critical extension of the business, so we take great care when we answer the telephone, offering a highly personal service. We answer calls as they come in and take details, reassure the caller and send the owner a text message so he can respond to people within minutes, ensuring valuable enquiries are not lost. While he is on holiday, we answer his calls, and advise callers of any delay in response, so they are always kept informed.

Where are they now?

The business has grown from strength to strength and Telephone Answering is still seen as an essential partner for the owner.

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