Live supportIf you use your website as a touch point to interact with customers, then you owe it to yourself to install live chat services. Live chat enables instantaneous interaction between clients and customers alike.

It’s more efficient and convenient than emails or telephone answering services. All you need is a live chatbox that pops up as users visit your site. The chatbox automatically asks the customer if they need help with a particular product or service or if they have questions. This question engages with customers and buys your agent more time to later interact with them.

Real-time chatting with customers provides the following benefits:

  • Creates customer confidence
  • Enhances their shopping experience
  • Boosts their conversion and sales rates
  • Keeps visitors on the site longer (improves the bounce rate)

Most importantly, it instils the confidence in users that your team will always be there to answer questions or help with refunds if needed. In fact, a survey by Pew Internet found that 63 percent of users tend to refer back to websites with a live chat feature for future purchases.

How to Use Live Chat with Your Website?

Integrating live chat with your website is a relatively simple process, and you don’t need to be a web developer to do it for you. The process depends on the content management system (CMS) of your website.

The easiest of these are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Simply install the widget or app on your WordPress website and the live chat box will seamlessly integrate with no additional changes needed.

For Bootstrap, Wix, WHMCS, and similar alternatives to WordPress, you might have to automatically insert the code into each page your website. This process largely depends on your hosting provider. You will have to access the file manager on the back end server. Once there, you simply copy and paste the code below the </body> tag on every page of your website.

Using Live Chat on Your Phone

The best part about using Live Chat is cross-functionality across different systems. You can use Live Chat on Android and iOS systems, this means you can monitor and control agent chats via your phone. All chat logs will be sent directly to your account. This also applies to any agent you may have granted administrative privileges to.

You will have to download apps for Live Chat on your phone for this to work.

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