From access to a fast website that loads instantly to fast shipping – customers want their things in a jiffy, and they always get it. Speaking of speed; nothing beats being able to reach out to a business instantly.

Live chat agent
Enter live chat.

It’s the little “chat now” (or a slight variation of it) button hovering at the bottom of the page. All the customer needs to do is to click on it and start chatting right away. This gives customers the power to get answers directly from the business instead of wading through endless FAQs or trying to make sense of instructional blogs.Live chat helps make that all-too important personal connection with clients just as soon as they land on your page. This is particularly important if they were referred by an ad, maybe Google Ads or Facebook Ads. By instantly engaging with them, live chat lets you retain the customers who would otherwise have made a hasty exit.

An Efficient Way to Communicate

Before live chat, your two-primary means of communicating were through phone and email. E-mail can take ages before two-way communication is established. A phone call like live chat can be answered quickly especially if you have a service that can answer bit you live chat and telephone call. Some customers don’t like calling but will engage with your business with live chat so having both on your web site is a great way for your customers to communicate with you.Live chat lets customers type a quick message into the chat box where it is answered almost instantly. This is convenient when customers want a quick answer to a query about your products or service.

Understanding the Statistics

Bold360 reported that 31% of their online shoppers were more likely to make a purchase after a session with a live chat assistant answering their questions. Conversion rates were at all-time low of about 2.35%, while the top websites with live chat experience conversion rates between 5% and 10%.
It’s clear from the statistics that live chat holds the answer to more lead generation, higher conversion, and ultimately, a strong bottom-line. If you don’t have live chat, then we can help with adding a chat platform on your web site. Your web developer has to add a small piece of code we send you and you will have a live chat button on your web site.

Live Chat Lets You Increase Your Order Value

Customer reps can use live chat to talk with their buyers and understand their needs. This puts them at a much stronger position to recommend similar products and services by cross-selling and up-selling to increase the average order value.

This means that if a customer were to spend only £40 on two pairs of gloves, he/she will end up buying £50 pair of special gloves that are heat and temperature resistant.
Live Chat Lets You Satisfy Customers.Live chat provides both businesses and customers alike with a platform where they can troubleshoot problems. The result is a memorable customer experience with high satisfaction levels due to the immediacy of the experience.

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