live chat services Clients want instant answers and no longer have the patience to wait out a few days or even hours before someone knowledgeable gets back to them. This is true for businesses where sensitive information is exchanged, including litigation and health issues. This is where live chat comes in handy.

Live chat can help with lead generation, and is far more effective than email, phone calls, and social media. Many businesses have been able to improve their customer satisfaction rate by switching to live chat. Here are 6 ways in which live chat can help your law firm.

1. Responsive Answers

The most undeniable advantage of using live chat is the ability to answer a potential client’s query in an instant. This is true even for existing clients who will want to receive answers instantly on a one-to-one basis. Contrast this with email responses, which can take at least 24 hours. On average, even the instantaneous nature of social media responses takes at least a few hours.

2. Information Is Easy to Store

Due to the nature of phone calls, it is not possible for your clients to store information on-the-go unless, of course, they’re recording their messages. Even then, it is inconvenient to go through the recordings over and over again to find the right pieces of information. With live chat services, clients can save information the moment they receive it. They also have the option to save a backup of their chat transcripts for future reference.

3. Waiting Times Are Reduced

No one likes to be put on hold for long. Both phone and emails are guilty of putting clients on hold, and this is why live chat has become so popular. It is possible for both clients and agents to communicate in as little as a few seconds, and the process is only getting faster. In the faced paced digital world of today, don’t expect your customers to wait around, they have busy lives and short attention spans.

4. Multiple Clients Can Be Entertained

It is possible for a single agent to be able to communicate with multiple clients at the same time. Their speed of response is only limited by how fast they type. All our agents are super responsive when it comes to live chat and can efficiently serve all your incoming leads. In fact, live chat allows us to handle twice as many queries a month than if we were only using phones and emails. This saves time and money.

5. Results in Repeat Customers

Good customer experience trumps good products and services every time. Live chat goes a long way in boosting customer experience and positively reinforcing your client’s confidence in your services. They want you to be there, available at a moment’s notice. Thanks to your almost instantaneous results, you automatically encourage clients to keep coming back for more.

6. Buys You Time

Your core staff may not always be available to respond on an instantaneous basis, but live chat makes your consultation services a lot more accessible. More importantly, it buys you more time to engage with clients. It is not uncommon for clients to buy services simply because they’re too impressed with your fast response times.

We know you’re busy handling cases on a daily basis and can’t expend the resources to respond to clients every day. This is where we step in, helping you pull clients in to close a potential sale. Get our free trial today to see us in action.

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