Standing Call handlerAs the number of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) continues to grow, so do their daily administrative needs. A lot of these companies that are growing at a rapid pace prefer to outsource these tasks to virtual receptionists to free up scarce manpower and resources. Virtual receptionists help businesses focus on designing a more customer centric business model that is so critical in today’s competitive environment.

Virtual receptionists help entrepreneurs focus on their business rather than worry about missing that all important call . And that is not the only benefit. Telephone answering services provide better high-quality customer services than traditional in-house receptionists. You get to dictate the scale of service and modify the level of service as your budget allows. You’ll also save on much needed office space that would be needed to accommodate fully staffed receptionists.

With the use of a professional virtual receptionist, your business can cover all incoming calls if  you have an in-house receptionist, if they get very busy then you can send the overflow calls to a virtual receptionist service which will allow your team to focus on other administrative tasks that could require their immediate attention.

You don’t have to worry about your phone lines going to voice mail to frustrate potential clients. A virtual receptionist can prove to be a powerful resource, especially when your startup only has a few people. Businesses like estate agencies, law firms, dental clinics, and similar services have their hands full with clients and don’t have the resources to answer all the calls all the time. Plus, the competitiveness of today’s market means that every missed call is a lost opportunity.

A professional receptionist helps your small company juggle its day to day tasks with efficiency. They ensure that whenever a client calls your business, a friendly person answers the call and guide them appropriately. This could be all the difference your business needs to survive, especially when money is tight.

Your business needs to make use of every possible opportunity available at its disposal. Virtual receptionists help businesses free up the capital you spend to employ an in-house full-time receptionist and scale up your business.

Maximise Work Flow

Virtual receptionists also know when to live transfer phone calls and when to hold back. Only callers who meet the criteria established by you will be transferred over, so you can maximise the use of your time. This way you can block out spam messages or even the occasional prank call. You can screen calls and block scammers who could interrupt your business with virtual receptionists.

Virtual receptionists help your business save thousands of pounds by using innovative technology to solve your problems. This is something that excels in. They do this by providing a comprehensive virtual reception service in bespoke packages that tie in perfectly with your business’s budget.

You get a real person answering the phone, fielding both basic and advanced questions from new and existing clients, and capturing new leads about your service and product. Click here to learn more!

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